About LNCP

The Brunei Darussalam Ministry of Education (MoE) has partnered with Education Development Trust (EDT) (branded in Brunei as CfBT Brunei) to implement the Literacy and Numeracy Coaching Programme (LNCP). This programme is key to supporting the MoE with achieving its strategic objectives as part of the Wawasan 2035 programme of delivering transformational change in the teaching of literacy and numeracy across schools in Brunei. The LNCP’s strategic goals are directly aligned to the three strategic goals of Wawasan 2035:

  1. High quality English & Mathematics teaching
  2. All students highly numerate and literate in English
  3. A system empowered to deliver sustained improvement in literacy and numeracy

The EDT/MoE LNCP contract is for a period of three years with the overarching objective of the programme being to deliver systemic improvement in the quality of literacy and numeracy teaching in Bruneian schools by building the capacity within the MoE to enable the system to continue to drive transformational change during the sustain phase of the programme.

The LNCP was designed as three distinct phases:

  • Inception –  this commenced in September 2016 and ran until 31st December 2016
  • Implementation –  which commenced 3rd January 2017 and will run until 30th June 2019
  • Sustain – which will commence in July 2019 under the direction of the MoE and will continue to support Brunei to achieve its Wawasan 2035 strategic goals