Write-up on PDSM World Book Day

Today Sekolah Menengah Pehin Dato Seri Maharaja is celebrating the World Book Day with the aim of encouraging students to read for enjoyment. This is the 4thcelebration that the school had where the teachers dressed up as book characters or based on a theme. This year’s theme is ‘heroes’, someone who inspires. The students clearly enjoyed it.

The school had invited Mr. Prabh Mokha, an International Numeracy Coach who also published two novels for young adults. His first novel, The Last Sanctuary, was gifted to the school on PDF and distributed to students. His key messages were to explore your own writing through reading and to use your imagination to create new possibilities, something especially important as our youth of today will be our Wawasan 2035 leaders. He also highlighted the direct link between independent reading in childhood and IQ in adulthood.
Another special guest was Mr. Paul Booth, Literacy Expert for LNCP. He shared his hero and how everyone has a story to tell which helps the storyteller and the listener to grow, emotionally, intellectually and morally. Being creative in the classroom in getting our students attention was the best way for teachers to model creativity for our students. 
According to the Local Coach, Diana S, “in the ever assessment-oriented environment that is predominantly the focus in education, it is so easy to lose sight on the importance of encouraging our students to read purely for enjoyment. The benefits that students reap from having such independent reading culture is something that will benefit them even in adulthood.”