Project Implementation

Project Implementation

The LNCP implementation phase commenced on 3rd January 2017 and has achieved a great deal during the first 12 months of the implementation phase including the successful delivery of all deliverables within each milestone that has been invoiced. Key highlights include:

  • The appointment of 60 International Coaches working directly with local teachers across all schools in Brunei
  • Successful delivery of the dialogic teaching part of the teaching for mastery frameworks which has resulted in a significant change in teaching practice and student engagement
  • The development of successful stakeholder relationships across the MoE  
  • Programme sustainability commenced through:
    • 50 local teachers completing the first stage of their training to become coaches of the future in Brunei – 5 times more than the 2017 contract deliverable of 10
    • The introduction of professional development programmes for the MoE leadership team to support the development of a high-performance system.

3 stages of LCs training

  1. Accredited Phase
  2. Specialist Phase
  3. Expert Phase

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